Affiliate Evolution

The extremely powerful and unique technique to build self propagating income streams. Affiliate Evolution brings about exponential growth to an Affiliate Marketer’s, Online Income.


Russell Brunson got the idea for the affiliate evolution system from an old marketing CD. From the CD he got the idea for what he called the Commission Bump, which would allow an affiliate to "bump" up their affiliate commissions.

Russell decided to try out the commission bump idea in 2007 when he promoted a new product as an affiliate. The product he was promoting was selling for $500 and the affiliate commission he earned on each sale was $250 (50% commission). Russell sold over 200 copies of the $500 product for a total commission of over $50,000!

Affiliate Evolution is a new affiliate marketing product which teaches how an average affiliate can evolve into a super advanced affiliate -- by leveraging little know and seldom used marketing techniques that multiply an affiliate’s commission on a sale far above what average affiliates would make off of the same sale.


As an Internet Marketer, this has been proven to be the



And Long Term Way To Profit From Affiliate Sales.




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