The extremely powerful and unique technique to build self propagating income streams. Affiliate-Evolution brings about exponential growth to an Affiliate Marketer’s, Online Income.

Would you like to make more off of your affiliate marketing efforts? I want to tell you about a product that will show you how to multiply your affiliate commissions with only a few minor tweaks.

The product I’m referring to is the new Affiliate-Evolution, from Russell Brunson. This product is based on a model developed by Russell called the commission bump.

He came up with the commission bump technique after listening to an old marketing CD.

Russell tested out his commission bump business model when he was promoting a new product as an affiliate just last year. The affiliate commission he earned for each sale was $250, and he ended up selling around 232 copies, which put him in third place for the affiliate contest for this product.

The ironic thing, though, is that although Russell only took third place in the affiliate contest, he actually made more money from the promotion than anyone else.

Within just a few weeks Russell multiplied his $250 commissions into $637.43 for each product he sold.

Russell later tried that same strategy several other times with similar results.

He knew he was on to something...


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